Contemplating the Idea of Color in Interior Design

While I stood at the start line on a brisk Sunday afternoon, waiting in anticipation for the sound of the whistle to signal my son’s race to begin, I began to contemplate the idea of color. I saw before me over a hundred men dressed in skintight bib shorts and jerseys in an array of bright, vivid color combinations. Colors I am quite sure these men would not choose to wear in a public venue.

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2018 Interior Design Trends and Inspiration

At the start of the New Year industry experts are often asked their opinion and/or prediction regarding current design trends in home decor. Since home fashion is constantly changing this question can be challenging because what is current today might be dated tomorrow. Instead of focusing on interior design trends with clients I encourage them to think more about what inspires them and makes their heart sing rather than what is “popular” or current.

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Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

“Home is where you hang your hat.” Not only as a mother but also as an interior designer I found this thought and the statement very profound.  I realized, at a much deeper level, the importance of surrounding ones self with objects and belongings that resonate with who you are as person.  

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