2018 Interior Design Trends and Inspiration


At the start of the New Year industry experts are often asked their opinion and/or predictions regarding current design trends in home decor. Since home fashion is constantly changing this question can be challenging because what is current today might be dated tomorrow.  Instead of focusing on interior design trends with clients I encourage them to think more about what inspires them and makes their heart sing rather than what is “popular” or current. However, with that being said, once I understand what inspires an individual, as a professional interior designer I am guided by specific design selections in vogue that will give one’s space a fresh new look.  To share these selections with you I have put together a list of my top  “2018 design trends” that I consider to be current and that will stand the test of time.


Simple Cabinet Door Styles

With a strong movement toward a more streamlined aesthetic in home décor, kitchen cabinetry has given way to a more simplistic, minimalistic approach. Free from the elaborate design work seen in the traditional styles of the past, the simple clean lines of modern door styles have become more celebrated as they are easily blended into any design. One of the most popular styles used in the kitchen industry today is the recessed panel, shaker-style door. The simple straightforward design of this door style allows it to be easily integrated into any interior.  Growing in popularity is the flat-panel kitchen cabinet door style. For consumers interested in a sleek contemporary or mid-century modern interior this premium, high-end door style is the way to go.  These minimalistic doors feature strong horizontal lines void of any striking details lending themselves to a clean, simple modern kitchen interior. 


Mixed Cabinet Finishes  

Equally important to selecting a cabinet door style is the choice of finishes and materials.  Here a homeowner can express their true personality. Whether they like the look of natural wood or a painted finish there are so many options available.  In 2018 white continues to remain the popular favorite in cabinet color for its clean, simple look and timeless nature with gray becoming a popular second. However, to satisfy those divided couples when one loves white and the other is drawn to the warmth and character of natural wood the use of mixed finishes is a great solution. On the rise and a fashionable design trend in 2018 is the use of white perimeter cabinets paired with a natural wood island or white uppers with wood base cabinets providing for a unique custom kitchen design.

Mixed kitchen interior cabinet finishes
Upper cabinets with a white-painted finish keep this kitchen light and bright. Source  Better Homes & Gardens

Upper cabinets with a white-painted finish keep this kitchen light and bright. Source Better Homes & Gardens

Open Concept Floor Plans

A long time trend that continues to be highly sought after in residential interior design is the request for open floor plans. Recently witnessed and done beautifully are the Toll Brothers model homes at Pine Hills in Plymouth MA.  The three model homes at Vista Point are all designed slightly different, each offering a space that is open, bright, airy and inviting allowing for ease of entertaining and gathering. Open floor plans provide for a space that live large and promote a social, all-inclusive environment. Homeowners continue to request this type of room design due to a strong movement toward relaxed, informal living with an increased desire for open dialogue. 

Open concept living room floor plan. Source:  Toll Brothers, Vista Point Pine Hills, Plymouth, MA

Open concept living room floor plan. Source: Toll Brothers, Vista Point Pine Hills, Plymouth, MA


Back in a bold way is the strong resurgence of wallpaper. Large-scale contemporary floral patterns, geometrics, abstracts, and metallic designs are showing up in all parts of the home adding character and dimension to a room.  Reluctant to make the commitment? A good interior design idea is to start small by selecting an accent wall to add visual interest without overwhelming the space.  A small amount goes a long way in making a bold statement! 

5 Wallpaper trends you're going to see everywhere in 2018. Source:  Homes to Love

5 Wallpaper trends you're going to see everywhere in 2018. Source: Homes to Love

Wood Plank Tile Flooring

Hot in the flooring industry today is wood-look plank porcelain tile.  Tile manufacturers have done a great job perfecting the latest trends in wood flooring by mimicking the variation of colors and expanded textures currently available making it difficult to identify one from the other. Textured wood-look porcelain tile is a sure bet to provide your home with a unique, high-end, fashionable appearance without the worry and maintenance of authentic wood floors.

Wood plank flooring

Quartz Countertops

The trend for using quartz in the kitchen has been on the rise and continues to become more in demand as the variety of patterns and colors grow. Quartz offers a vast array of selections and styles and as technology improves to more accurately reproduce the look of marble, granite, limestone, and concrete, its popularity increases due to its ease of maintenance and versatility. For years homeowners desired marble kitchen countertops, however due to its porous nature, softness and need for regular maintenance they were often deterred. Today quartz manufacturers have addressed this demand by successfully replicating the look of marble with more prominent veining causing it to become a highly sought after material. Check out the possibilities!

Quartz kitchen countertop

Statement Ceilings

The eye is being drawn upward to make a bold statement on what interior designers are calling the fifth wall.  The ceiling is a very effective area of a room to dramatically transform the overall ambience of a space. Whether adding an architectural design feature, wallpaper or a bold paint color, ceilings have the ability to pull an entire room design together.

Bold statement ceiling interior design
Bedroom interior with bold statement ceiling

Outdoor Living

Trending in 2018 is the creation of upscale indoor/ outdoor living environments. Whether a beautiful deck or covered patio homeowner are looking to add living area to their homes for relaxing and entertaining without the premium cost of adding square footage. Luxury furniture, fashionable flooring, fireplaces, water features, outdoor kitchens and televisions are all a part of the grandeur being seen in these newly designed outdoor spaces.

Out door living space

Be bold this year, dream big and try something new and exciting!  Remember to stay true to yourself and follow your heart as real inspiration is born deep from within!