Revitalized Suburban Home in Braintree, MA


After fifteen years in their Braintree, MA suburban home, this young couple realized that their house was no longer working for them.

Rather than uprooting their two children from their beloved neighborhood, they decided to undergo a renovation to allow for more functionality.


By redesigning the kitchen’s existing footprint, the new, light-filled airy space was made to feel more spacious and provide a better flow for a family on the move.   Replacing the cramped kitchen table with a substantial center island provided for additional preparation space and everyone a place to comfortably gather.


The uniquely shaped, glass backsplash adds to the kitchen’s character and dimension. The mix of neutral colors contribute to the serene, relaxing ambience. 


The dining room, that was once dark and outdated, has been transformed into a spectacular, functional family dining and entertaining area.  Once acting as its own distinct space, the original doorway that separated it from the kitchen was expanded to make it to feel more like one large eat-in kitchen. 


Silk curtain panels frame the two walls of windows that allow an abundant amount of natural light to pour into the room and make it a bright, inviting space to congregate.


The grouping of textural vases, filled with greens and flowers, are displayed in the bow window to compliment the natural scenery in the background.


The laundry room area, once unpleasing to the eye, was creatively upgraded to look like part of the kitchen. Glass cabinets provide a dual purpose in this pseudo butler’s pantry.  Along with their fine china and serving dishes, the families’ collectables are thoughtfully arranged.


Beautiful bronze hardware embellishes the portabella finish on the custom maple cabinets and compliments the dark wood countertops and bead board backsplash. Selected to mimic the decorative mullions in the glass cabinets, the half moon shaped drawer pulls create a cohesive appearance in this interesting alcove.