Duxbury, MA Restoration


After 195 years of continuous family home ownership, this 1820’s historical Duxbury home finally got a makeover.

Reluctant for years to disturb the character and charm of the original structure, the homeowner ultimately acquiesced to restore and create a space that was more up-to-date and functional. Determined to maintain the historical spirit of the house, the client appointed Susan Curtis Interiors to design a space that was befitting of the time period.


As part of the restoration plans, the authentic period style kitchen was relocated to what was once considered the original “summer kitchen”. Formally used for canning and housing the built-in antique coal bins and water well, the newly transformed space has become the heart of the home and a place for friends and family to gather.


Green cabinets antiqued and distressed, honed granite countertops, hand forged iron cabinet pulls, a chimney style vent hood, and a heavily distressed furniture style island all help to create an aura of authenticity in this new kitchen, while stainless steel appliances add a dash of modernity.



Antique brick pavers, hanging lanterns, and sconces are reminiscent of days gone by further add to the historical charm of this antique cape.


Exterior of a restored 1820 cape in Duxbury, MA

The beautifully restored barn, documented in the town as one of the first firehouses in the seaside community, was relocated in 1877 from its downtown location to be used to house the original homeowner’s cattle.

Floral door decoration on an 1820 cape