Ocean Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Photo of a white sand beach

While stretched out on the warm sandy beach enjoying the final days of the summer sun it was evident to me why the shoreline inspires so many people. The breath taking scenery of the clear blue sky, the deep sapphire blue ocean and the soft white pebbles of sand enveloping me was an absolutely stunning site. The soothing sounds of the breaking waves at my feet and the seagulls overhead imparted a sense of peace and tranquility that over took my entire being. Whether east or west, north or south, the allure of the ocean is undeniable.

Since the summer season is so short lived here in the northeast, many New Englanders seek to capture the calming feel the ocean has to offer by incorporating the cool, tranquil color palette of the seashore into their interior design. Using shades of white, gray, beige and blue help to elicit this calming feel evoked by the seashore and create the ultimate coastal retreat. Keep the design light, airy and playful, like a breezy afternoon on the beach. Incorporate wooden sculptural pieces to denote driftwood, grass cloth wallpaper and jute rugs to recreate the sand, and various blue accessories to capture the sea and sky.  Utilize interesting light fixtures, pillows and greenery to impart a fun, light-hearted comfortable atmosphere along with organic shapes to mimic the flow of the ocean.

Are you that person inspired by the ocean? If so, the following selections may stimulate you to recreate the beauty of the seashore into your next interior redesign. The first collection offers a sleek modern coastal inspired vibe while the second collection lends itself more to a casual, relaxed feel. Awaken your senses and keep your summer adventure alive!