Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Hat hanging in entry way

“Home is where you hang your hat.” Quite an interesting quote! While pondering this statement it became very clear to me just how true this really is.   

Two years ago my oldest son purchased his first income property, renovated it, and moved out to occupy one of three apartments. Although he has been living on his own for quite some time now I have always considered our “family home” as his home.  When joining us for dinner, hanging out with his siblings, or celebrating the holidays with us, I still refer to coming to our house as “home”. But while contemplating this thought I realized that “home is where you hang your hat.” That when my son packed his bags two years ago and hung his clothes in a closet outside of his childhood bedroom, purchased furniture to furnish his apartment, and set up a litter box for his cat, his new space became his “home”. WOW!! 

Not only as a mother but also as an interior designer I found this thought and the statement very profound. I realized, at a much deeper level, the importance of surrounding ones self with objects and belongings that resonate with who you are as a person. To take the time to define your surroundings instead of your surroundings defining you. After all, this is what we are calling “home”, a refuge that fuels our soul. 

As you consider furnishing your first house or remodeling your existing one keep in mind what “home” is to you. When you set out to shop follow your heart and not the latest trends. Identify who you are by thumbing through magazines, Pinterest, or HOUZZ. Know what it is that is at the core of your being?   Is your style traditional, transitional, contemporary, or modern? Do you like blue, green, purple, pink, red, yellow or orange? What is your neutral color; gray, beige, taupe, ivory, black or white? All these questions are so important to answer before plunging forward. Too often we haphazardly fill our surroundings with “stuff” never giving much thought about the items or the outcome.  Be aware of how each piece makes you feel. Let artwork and accessories speak to you. Know that the furniture you select is not only attractive and fits the space but provides you comfort. 

Trends and styles are forever changing and as humans we are always evolving. What I have come to believe is that what is at the core of our being will always remain. Listen to your inner voice and create a home by selecting the right “hat”. You will always succeed! Happy shopping and enjoy the journey!

Design IdeasSusan Curtis